Submissions Open for CivTech® 2.0!

CivTech® 2.0 submission deadline is Thursday 1st June 09:00am

The CivTech® 2.0 challenge application portal is now open on Public Contracts Scotland (PCS)! You can access the application page in a few ways.

1) Click on a challenge image below and it will take you straight to the application page on PCS.

2) Go to the ‘how to apply section’ on our wiki and select the challenge for which you are applying.

3) Go to Public Contracts Scotland –> Browse notices –>  Advanced search (below further search options) and search ‘CivTech Challenge’.

Q&A Sessions

We will be live streaming Q&A sessions with the CivTech® 2.0 Challenge Sponsors via our YouTube channel. Details for these sessions are below. If you have any questions regarding the Challenges send them to

Entrepreneurial Spark Launch NEST

Entrepreneurial Spark Nest is the next stage in the start-up renaissance in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Ayrshire.

[youtube id=”kMVSLNKuJ3I”]

The Nest – a one year growth programme for businesses trading between 6 months and 5 years old, continuing our commitment to SMEs as they grow and develop.

The new Nest spaces provide 12 months free business support, office space, IT, networking for ventures in the growth stage of their entrepreneurial journey, taking place in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Ayrshire.

Applications are open now for an intake at the beginning of February 

Entrepreneurial Spark (ESpark) would like to announce the opening of the Nest’s in Glasgow,

Edinburgh and Ayrshire, which will allow ESpark to provide the collaborative, environment Scotland’s entrepreneurs need to flourish. The Nests are aimed at startup businesses, which have already been trading for a minimum of six months, have achieved tangible results either in terms of turnover or investment, and employ at least one member of staff.


This opportunity is open to all businesses whether they have been through the ESpark Hatchery or not.



  • Have had investment or about to secure investment
  • About to generate revenue or generating revenue
  • Scottish EDGE winner (if appropriate)
  • Glasgow/Edinburgh/Ayrshire Business Gateway high growth potential
  • Existing Glasgow/Edinburgh/Ayrshire Business Gateway pipeline clients
  • Given up job, working on business full time
  • Up to 6 members in the team [on entry]
  • 6 months to 5 years trading
  • Up to £2million turnover


Opportunities Include

  • Daily Enablement from in house team
  • Monthly business health check with enabler strategy etc.
  • Milestones – monthly economic impact, income, forecast, team
  • Executive Education – provided by in organisation capability, team, investment, sales, etc.
  • Pool of mentors to support
  • One day bootcamp 5th February
  • Workshops and clinics from ambassadors
  • Option to attend ESpark
  • Monthly celebrate success
  • Hatchery Hits the Street

Apply now to join Scotland’s entrepreneurial hubs in Ayrshire, Glasgow or Edinburgh.

For more information call 0141 418 9120.  Interviews will be during December/January with a beginning of February start.