Geek Guide to Glasgow

Nina Baker has been commissioned by the Glasgow City Marketing Bureau to develop the content for a “Geek Guide to Glasgow”. This will be a predominantly online resource with some hard copy downloads too and will offer some offbeat ideas for the technically-minded tourist in the City of Glasgow. The concept is similar to The Geek Atlas, but very locally focused.

Nina would be glad of any ideas relating to any area of pure or applied sciences/technology, which might include such things as:

  • A building that was the first (or very early adopter) to use a new technology/materials
  • A building that is the last known standing of its type/use
  • Location of a discovery or where a well known person (or unsung hero) lived/worked (even if the original building is now gone)
  • Memorials of any kind
  • Stories, myths even, relating to people or locations, in relation to technology


The first draft has to be ready for end of March, so any ideas that come to mind – please get in touch asap, so that she can get the research and photography done quickly