News from ZoneFox: How to avoid ‘Amateur Hour’ in the wake of the Uber breach

News from our friends at ZoneFox:

Threat Mitigation: How to avoid ‘Amateur Hour’ in the wake of the Uber breach

The monumental fallout now underway from the Uber data breach in 2016 (!) has organisations as far as the eye can see frantically reassessing their security posture and ensuring that the risk to their own business-critical data is minimized.

The good news – that’s what a ZoneFox Risk Assessment will do for you. During a quick 2-week timeframe, you’ll get detailed, actionable insights into the effectiveness (or otherwise) of your security posture, and complete visibility of potentially anomalous behaviour around your data – so you can take the smart decisions around what needs to happen next:


  • Delivers 360º visibility into risk-exposed sensitive information
  • Tells you who’s doing what – where, when and how – with your data
  • Shows you where sensitive information is headed – on OR off your network
  • Identifies where you’re falling short of – and meeting – regulatory compliance.

The long and short of it? When you’re summoned to demonstrate what steps your team is taking to prevent becoming the next Uber, you look like the smart one.

Find out how secure you really are!

P.S. There’s some really great content on the ZoneFox website that can tell you lots about how to protect sensitive information against the insider threat, ransomware, malware – and much more. Dive in!

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