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Making The Most Of Mentoring Workshop, Edinburgh 2016

In June 2016 Girl Geek Scotland launched its Mentoring Programme with a free one day workshop led by Suzanne Doyle Morris of the Inclusiq Institute and hosted by the Informatics Forum Edinburgh.


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Girl Geek Dinners

Throughout 2010 Girl Geek Scotland profiled national and international women leaders in the technology and related sectors as part of our Speaker Series: “Creativity Computing and Enterprise” at our Girl Geek Dinners.Our Girl Geek Dinners are small, friendly events where you can chat to like minded people over a glass of wine.


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Shanna Tellerman, Dundee 2010

“We are working hard to make 3D development easier, faster, less expensive and more collaborative. At its core Wild Pockets is a friendly community and platform that seeks to empower you to share your creative vision with the world!” Shanna Tellerman.



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Enterprise Workshops 2010

From September to November 2010 we ran three weekend residential workshops at the luxury Barcelo Stirling Highland Hotel. These were very much hands-on events that helped our participants work on and develop skills and techniques to explore and expand their business ideas. Applications were competitive.