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News about our next event on Tuesday 5 September 2017:

Over half of female graduates in the digital technology sector come from non-tech backgrounds such as creative arts, business studies and natural/ social sciences. (Tackling The Technology Gender Gap Together).

This event uses a range of case studies from industry, showcasing initiatives designed to help you make that sideways move and develop the skills you need for a digital technology career. Whether you plan on professional training, going back to work, or enrolling on a graduate scheme our workshops can help you identify, plan for, and fill your skills gap to make that move. Please come along to meet likeminded people and engage in lively discussion and action planning!

Girl Geek Scotland (GGS) has been developing world-class educational and networking experiences for women in Digital Technologies since 2008. We see the engagement of women in technology as being critical to the competitiveness of this sector, and to the development of our economy.


The workshops are as follows:

Professional Training Schemes: Transitioning to a career in digital tech

Back to Work: Inclusivity and Diversity at Sky Technology

Graduate Schemes: DXC’s initiative to get students’ into tech


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Please pre-register for the event as there are limited spaces and fire regulations mean that only people who register on Eventbrite can be admitted.