Our Community

The Girl Geek Scotland (GGS) network and community is for people working and studying in the technology, computing, IT, digital, creative, media, business, enterprise and related sectors in Scotland who are able to connect and support each other at entry-level and throughout their careers.

GGS provides an interdisciplinary forum for people working in these related industries to develop a social and career network and learn from peers and leaders in the field at the same time. Nothing beats the intimate gathering of a Girl Geek event or dinner, so please join us and connect with others on your wave-length.

Our Audience

Girl Geek Scotland attracts a diverse audience from all stages of life and career who are sympathetic to the challenges faced by women and other professional minority groups as they progress their careers. Students can mingle with experts, and people who are new to the field or transitioning, can get a feel of what to expect as they enter these related industries, picking up hints and tips on how to overcome career challenges, or even meet with the ideal partner for project work or business.

Girl Geek Scotland welcomes and encourages contribution and participation from all gender identities, physical abilities, neurotypical and atypical people, religions and ethnicities. We ask everyone participating to show respect for others at all times and to abide by our Code of Conduct and Event Photography / Videography Policies.

Our Speakers

We recognise that technical knowledge and development is only half of the skill set needed in these sectors and that communications, management, entrepreneurship, creativity and many more aspects all play a part. Likewise we know that people often work across multiple related industries and that many enjoy the diversity of creative practice.

We showcase professionals from different stages in their career, from different working environments, or from different roles in the industry – and unite them around a common theme. Speakers are leaders in business, culture, and academia, each inspired by technology and contributing to the industry.

Our Events

We usually host speaker, panel discussion, workshop, networking or dinner events. Events are usually scheduled for weekday evenings. Our tickets vary in price, but are often subsidised to make them as affordable as possible to people of all walks of life. We always try to make sure there is plenty of time for networking.

Our History

In the first two years Girl Geek Scotland held 15 dinner events across Scotland, totaling around 650 participants, and welcomed local and international speakers from as far as Australia and Silicon Valley; built networks and partnerships with several technology, education, and business-based affiliates; supported and encouraged the ventures of around 40 Scotland-based entrepreneurial women through a series of funded Enterprise Workshops held in Stirling in 2010.

Many women become involved in our network at the point they are considering a new business venture due to the nature of our speakers. Through Girl Geek Scotland they build friendships, find mentors and develop a support network.

The work of Girl Geek Scotland relies heavily on the efforts of a changing group of volunteers, so our activities are thanks entirely to the time and effort of those individuals who become involved in organising and producing our events, along with the companies and organisations who are supportive to our cause along the way.

Girl Geeks Around the World

Founded in London in 2005 by Sarah Lamb, Girl Geek Dinners is an informal organisation that promotes women in the information technology industry and has 64 chapters in 23 countries.  The aim of the organisation is to break down stereotypes and to encourage and nurture those who have an interest in technology throughout the community.