Organisation & Team Structure

Girl Geek Scotland started as a voluntary project run out of the University of Dundee in 2008. In 2010 we were offered substantial financial support from the University of Edinburgh, and our operations moved there. Girl Geek Scotland are currently operating out of Napier University, Bright Red Triangle, which has been our parent organisation since our relaunch in early 2016, providing core admin, and other essential activities for our non-profit status.


We run almost entirely on the contribution of volunteers. We have grown considerably since 2016, and currently have twenty-eight people who are assigned specific roles for our upcoming events. We have shifted our communications over to Slack to manage this fast growing team.

Core Activities

We currently have eight volunteers working across the following core activities.

  • Strategy, Programme Design & Management
  • Partner & Sponsor Management
  • Recruitment
  • Admin Comms & Marketing
  • Educational Development Officers


In addition to the core activities, we have three teams that handle different types of event.

  • Mentoring Team
    • Relationship Managers
    • Workshop Curation & Support
    • Online Network Managers
  • Panel Events Team
    • Event Curation & Support Team
  • Courses & Hackdays Team
    • Course & Hackday Leads
    • UX & Developer Coaches
    • Business Coaches


Our recruiting drive is ongoing and we expect to grow the team to a total of thirty-two people, by the end of February 2017.