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    Daniel Winterstein

    Job Spec: Talented Data-Scientist Developer for a Better World
    Want to make a better world? We’re hiring a data-science-savvy developer to work on machine learning / AI that raises money for charity and empowers internet users.
    Salary: £30,000 – £45,000 depending on experience + share options
    Location: Edinburgh
    Flexible working and part-time / job-share options are available.
    This is an exciting chance to apply cutting-edge machine learning / AI / data-science work in a worthwhile way, working with a top team.

    About Good-Loop Ltd
    Good-Loop takes money from advertisers, and gives it to charities.
    But Good-Loop is not itself a charity: we do this by making ads more effective, and we make a healthy profit on each ad. We are turning ads from a nuisance to be blocked, into a shared positive moment which funds social and environmental good. We also believe in treating internet users fairly, empowering them to be partners in the advertising and data ecosystem. Clients include Unilever, Kit-Kat, and Pepsi and we’re on track to over £1m in ad spend this year.

    About the Job
    Key tasks are:

      Predicting prices on the ad-exchange.
      Optimising our performance in ad-placement and bidding for media space.
      Extracting useful profile data from unstructured text and activity.
      Presenting data back to users.

    Digital advertising creates a lot of data. This role will lead on making that valuable to the company, thereby enabling us to achieve more.
    You’ll be working with a world-class team: Dr Daniel Winterstein, an expert in applied AI, and Amy Williams, an international award winning entrepreneur, plus the rest of our great team. You’ll be doing software development and research — expect to do and learn a lot.

    Essential Skills

      Mathematics or data-science skills (specific qualifications are not required – evidence of ability is required).
      Programming experience – this can be in any language, provided it shows your capability.
      Good communication skills
      Able to work in a team
      Also must be independent enough to manage your own work
      Quick learner
      Reliable worker
      Must have example code that you can send us (see below)

    Desirable Skills
    We don’t need you to have experience in these! Just let us know which ones you have:

      Time-series analysis
      Deep learning (TensorFlow or PyTorch – bonus points for TensorFlow in Java)
      Machine learning
      Html + css
      Mathematical / technical qualifications
      Knowledge of advertising and marketing
      Experience working as part of an agile development team
      Project management
      UX / User-centred design
      Graphic design / data-visualisation
      Business experience

    About You
    You should be aged whatever with a passionate can-do attitude to your work. The job involves a high level of responsibility working within a small talented team. The right candidate will have the chance to shape the job, and will be at the heart of an exciting company.

    How To Apply
    To apply, please email jobs@good-loop.com:

      your CV
      a short portfolio of your best work (e.g. a github link, or a portfolio website).
      If possible, we prefer an example of a hobby project — a project you did for its own sake (which need not be polished or completed), and of a professional project.

    The shortlist will be invited for an interview which includes a short but challenging technical reasoning test.

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