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    Angelina Blyth

    Hey all,

    Just looking for some suggestions from people already in the Security side of IT. I am looking to step into security as quickly as I can. I already have 4 years of working in tech support and lately SAM and HAM. I have starting doing some online courses that are geared towards Security.

    I was thinking in getting Security+ as that is what the current security manager in my work has but I would need to do Network+ first to get some knowledge with networks. Does this seem like a good way to go? Network then Security to get my foot in the door at even an entry level job? Also how important is ITIL? I dont have that and I am trying to see if my work would put me through it and I see lots of vacancies looking for people with at least the foundation certificate.

    I have already done a lot in work already about KES and Qualys but no one really looks for that in vacancies.

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